Brooks Owens
Garner for Mayor
Professiona Firefighters

“We are honored to announce the endorsement of Tyrone Garner, Mayor/CEO of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, KS.”

KCK Professional Firefighters Association

Garner Brooks

“If you are looking for a Mayor who cares about the People, put your money  where your heart is...Vote for Tyrone Garner for a better Wyandotte County.”

Alvin Brooks, Legendary Community Leader

Dupree Senior Pastor

“If you want a Mayor who will stand for Justice. Vote for Tyrone Garner” 

Alvin Dupree,

Senior Pastor

Family First Ministries


“If you are tired of bad leadership...Vote for Change..Tyrone Garner is the only candidate with a solid platform and proven leadership skills

Doug Spangler, Retired Legislature


“If you are tired of not being represented within the community and services being inadequate for you and your family. Your Vote is Your voice. 

María Cecilia Ysaac,
A+ Communications, Owner


“VOTE Garner for WYCO Mayor. As a western store owner, I believe that Garner will focus on small businesses in WYCO.

Thank you for a reimagined WYCO!

David Nigro, Owner Nigro's Western Store


“Thank you, VOTE Tyrone Garner for a reimagined WYCO that will make small business a priority and keep us thriving and serving the community.

Steve Dietsch, Owner and Anderson Rental

City Councilman

“I stand with you.  I know how WYCO operate. I'm here to help you serve the new and improved WYCO.

 Former KCK City Councilman and Chiropractor Dr. Elmer Jay Sharp

Turner Neighbors

“Your leadership will make a difference in how small businesses operate in helping shape the future of the people who live, work and play in Turner, KCKS

Turner Neighborhood, Victor, Andres, Carlos Galvan


“Be the Change, you wish to see.” Great Man, with loyalty, integrity and servitude for the community.

President of the KC Blues Society Mr. Frank Lavender Jr.

Mike Acquirre Argentine garden planting

“If you want a Mayor who care about people developing healthy living and gardening in Argentine Vote for Tyrone Garner”

Mike Aguirre, Community Leader

Master Barber Eric Williams

“Someone who cares about entrepreneurship, VOTE for Tyrone Garner, Mayor/CEO of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, KS.”

Master Barber Eric D. Williams owner of “Clippin 2 Please”

Karen Hernandez

“We are educational advocates at the Kansas City Kansas Community College. Garner supports  community college education. VOTE for Garner." to make a change in WYCO!

Mrs. Karen &

Mr. Hernandez 

Fireman Transport

“We highly endorse and Thank you Garner for your leadership and vision in supporting small businesses. We are here to serve as a valuable asset in the new reimagined WYCO. 

Matthew Flenoy & Fireman Transport Family

Big Daddy s Fireworks

“Big Daddy’s Fireworks welcomes a new Mayor for WYCO. We support and look forward to your leadership and to continue to provide a safe festive 4th of July in a reimagined WYCO. 

Mike & Joe Quinn

Friends Supporters

“We are here to support you. We are so proud that you have stepped up to help WYCO. Leaders like you need men like us to help make history! VOTE Garner!

Friends of Garner


“With friends like you who want the best for all people. Thank you for your leadership and the ability to make a change for the better with community driven ideas.

Sandy Ziolo, Community Leader of WYCO

Dr.Jarvis Collier

“ May the blessings of the Lord be upon you.  We believe that your  commitment to the disinvested  is true and we want to be part of the Vision.

Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jarvis Collier, Pleasant Green Baptist Church


“Our prayers of success are with you. If you want a Mayor who will stand for Justice for All and support freeing the innocent and providing care for them when they return home. Vote for Tyrone Garner” 

Pastor Darryl & Valerie Burton


"We appreciate the support of Black women minority owned businesses". Thank you for making a difference in WYCO and allowing us to invest into the reimagined WYCO.


Mike Aquirre

Alvin Brooks

Darryl & Valerie Burton

Steve Dietsch

Alvin Dupree

Victor, Andres, Carlos Galvan

Rev. Dr. Jarvis Collier

KCK Professional Firefighters Association

Matthew Flenoy

Karen & Mr. Hernandez

Frank Lavender Jr.

David Nigro

Dr. Elmer Sharp

Doug Spangler

Eric D. Williams

María Cecilia Ysaac

Sandy Ziolo

Host of Friends, Family

ASAP Finance is honored to vote for Tyrone Garner in order to thank him for all the work he did to protect the country and ordinary Americans. We want each voice to be heard. ASAP Finance knows firsthand how people are tired of high taxes, low salaries, and lack of financial support from the state and financial institutions. And we’re proud to have a leader that cares and makes borrowing money online accessible. If you want a Mayor aimed at helping the people of Wyandotte County access competitive and fair financial assistance with any credit and income, vote for Tyrone Garner!
ASAP Finance for Garner!

For a reimagined Wyandotte County vote August 3rd & November 2nd, 2021


Let's Make it Happen

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